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Carseat Canopy

Our custom Carseat Canopy is a must-have for all moms! You can now carry your baby in style, as well as protect your baby from the elements. The Carseat Canopy provides protection from germs, sun, wind, rain, snow and smoke. It also creates a darker environment for nap time and keeps blankets off your baby's face.

Our canopies are made with designer coordinating fabrics and our standard model includes Velcro straps that fit over the handle of your carrier and a split down the front so you can peek in on baby without disturbing. For maximum cuteness, you can upgrade the Girl standard model with ric rac trim down the split and ribbon ties at the handle straps. Easy access to the handle, and the canopy won’t blow off or fall to the ground and get dirty like blankets!

If there is a specific color or style you are looking for, we would be happy to send you fabric choices. We also offer monogramming on the canopy for that extra touch of personalization!

**Please allow 2-3 weeks when ordering**

Carseat Canopy Standard (Boy or Girl)
Standard (Boy or Girl)
Starting at $38
Carseat Canopy Girl Upgrade
Girl Upgrade
Starting at $42
Custom Order
Custom Order
Starting at $38


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